Get Off My Lawn! is a free to play arcade shooter where you control Murray, an elderly curmudgeon besieged by an invasion of adorable aliens. Players collect valuable alien orbs to upgrade an assortment of weaponry and purchase power-ups like ‘Cane Time’, ‘Infuriate’, and ‘Soundwave’ to combat endless waves of alien invaders. The game is available on multiple platforms including Android, iPhone, iPad, Steam, PlayStation Vita, and Windows phones.

See more at, or check out the game page on Steam.

Get Off My Lawn Screenshot

During development, I was responsible for:

  • Art direction, environment and character design and concepts, initial pass on environment art
  • Character modeling & hand-painted style texturing
  • Tech research and optimization of art assets
  • Steam trading cards and marketing materials across platforms
  • Intro video illustrations
  • Managing the art team and assisting where needed